How to start an online store in South Africa?

Over the years we’ve helped business owners to startup their offline business into the online marketplace. The eCommerce industry in South Africa has grown massively over the past few years. As technology becomes more integrated into our society, many people are now turning to online shopping as a method of purchasing products that would otherwise be bought from traditional physical shops.

eCommerce website design frequently asked questions

Do you upload my categories and product's?

We upload all your Categories and upload your first 30 products with descriptions and images. We show you on your computer screen by an remote interface

How do the shopping cart calculate delivery/shipping costs?

The flat rate shipping calculator is part of the default setting. For more advance shipping we setup an delivery database for different geographical area via postal codes, the shipping calculator automatically list the delivery charge when the client checks out the products. More advance shipping integrates with the courier company to get live price from their database and supply a tracking number.

How many email can I have?

We supply 5x domain emails.

What is your turn around time to complete my store?

We will complete the website within 5 - 7 working days for a standard eCommerce shop, after receiving the product spreadsheet, all product images, Privacy Policy, Terms & Condition, Delivery Policy, payment gateway registration ID’s or manual bank processing and other images like your logo or images for the slideshow or banners.

eCommerce site builder vs self owned domain eCommerce store.

When it comes down to SEO then a self owned and developed eCommerce store preform better, also consider that some site builders will charge an monthly fee and you need to host with the company. With an site builder you are locked in to host with the company and most of the time cannot own the source code. Your website is also part of a shared server environment and may share the same main domain name.

How do I know I an order has been placed on my Store?

You will receive an email from your website and an email from the payment gateway to confirm an successful order.

Do I own my e-commerce website property?

We register your domain in your name, you own the domain and the website property and may host your website with another hosting company. We will transfer your website the hosting company and give the access rights to be transferred.

Do I get free eCommerce hosting?

We offer free hosting for the first year, 2nd year hosting, domain renewal is not free and needs to be renewed after the first 12 month free hosting.

Do I pay a monthly fee?

We don't charge monthly fees, the only fee you pay after the 12 month fee hosting for the first year would be for the 2nd years hosting depending how many products you have. Our service include full managed website, updates, security and support.

Google Play and iOS Apple Store app development?

We do Android, iOS APP eCommerce Development and include the following app developments:
Personal custom icon launcher.
Personal custom designed splash screen.
Send Push Notifications via App.
App Submission.
Push Notifications.
We post your app to the Google Play & iOS store.

What is the expected growth of online shopping in South Africa?

South Africa is the 37th largest market for eCommerce with a revenue of 66 billion in 2020, placing it ahead of Malaysia and behind Czech Republic. With an increase of 24%, the South African eCommerce market contributed to the worldwide growth rate of 26% in 2020.

Online shopping is growing fast in South Africa, with sales expected to reach R225 billion within five years.

Can I photograph my product images myself for minimize costs? Or is it advisable to get them professionally done?

When you are using your camera, it is important to remember that the images you take should not have a neutral background and ideally will be in the landscape format. The raw images should be re-worked in Photoshop not to have any backgrounds. We can suggest some freemum tools to achieve the same result.

The idea is to have consistency a free program like Canva can take out your background, Photoshop images and crop them to be square images.

What is an eCommerce store rebuild?

A Store website rebuild is the process of redesigning a website. A store rebuild is the process of rebuilding an eCommerce online store to improve its usability, functionality, and appearance. The rebuild can be justified for a variety of reasons, but it is most most often done to fix the loading speed or to update the design (look and feel)

What is an eCommerce Marketplace

An online marketplace (or online e-commerce marketplace) is a sort of e-commerce website in which several third parties supply product or service information.
Online marketplaces are the most prevalent form of multichannel ecommerce and may help expedite the manufacturing process.

What is a multi vendor ecommerce website

Multi-Vendor eCommerce Websites
A multi-vendor website or shop allows several merchants to sell together.
In short, it's a giant store or ike a shopping mall with many little businesses managed by the website owner .

What are the advantages of your own e commerce store?

Expand your business globally. Marketing and Product advertising are cheaper than print and traditional media.
Easy to manage and update product prices in the shopping cart.
Time saving for both vendor and customer to buy online.
eCommerce is useful in both small and big business..
Use organic search engine traffic, social media traffic and pay-per-click that are cost-effective for marketing and advertising.
An online store has an automation of check-out, billing, inventory management, payment gateway payments the operational costs is lower and you would need less employees to run your eCommerce business.

I really like the websites you've designed with products all visible on 1st page and one doesn’t have to play hide and seek to find them!

There is a setting where you can mark products on specials to display in a slide accordion on the front/landing page. We set it up and with the training show you how to manage feature products that display on the landing page.

What are the key features of an eCommerce store rebuild?

You may need to rebuild your store if it is outdated and not fully mobile responsive. Mobile first is one of the key ranking factors that search engines expect from a modern day eCommerce store.

What is an online booking system?

It allows visitors to self-book and pay directly via your website and other channels, while also offering you with the best tools for managing and developing your company. Our online booking software helps you grow your business. It combines all of our booking tools' best features, capabilities, and integrations.

What is an online dropshipping business

When a shop uses dropshipping, it doesn't stock the things it offers.
Instead, the shop buys the item and ships it to the client.
So the vendor doesn't have to touch the merchandise. The main difference between dropshipping and traditional retail is that the seller does not stock or own goods.
As orders come in, the seller buys inventory from a third party (typically a wholesaler or manufacturer).


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